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CinemaWaves was founded with the goal of fostering a greater awareness of the numerous artistic trends, movements and waves in cinema. Our mission is to provide film enthusiasts, students, and professionals with a comprehensive platform dedicated to the exploration and appreciation of cinematic movements throughout history.


An ongoing project, CinemaWaves was created by Milan Dujic, film enthusiast for more than ten years and a film critic. The inspiration for this project originated with the lack of complete, detailed and concise list, or a website, with all the film movements. Two years ago he decided to make the following list on Letterboxd, social networking platform for moviegoers, which became a success, and demonstrated there was an interest in the film community. In the summer of 2023, he launched CinemaWaves.

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The images and GIFs featured here are solely used for educational purposes to represent the cinematic movements they are associated with. These images are utilized to provide visual context and critical commentary regarding the work, product, or service in question. Additionally, it is firmly believed that the use of these images to identify a film or movement will not diminish the copyright holder's capacity to derive profit from the original work.